Autonomous Crab Farms

AI and robotic driven crab farms, higher margins, more sustainable farming.

We Make Crab Culture Sustainable And Economically Viable

Minimise the financial risk of your crab farm

Automate the crab health analytics

Ensure optimal living quality for crabs


We have developed a plug-and-play, cloud-based, intelligent crab welfare monitoring system. It offers real- time analysis of critical crab growth parameters in relation to water parameters to detect any abnormal development among the crabs and suggests recommended actions to the crab farmer. Thus, our technology ensures healthy crab welfare while optimizing the operational costs of the crab farm.

How Does It Work?


We install the Stereo camera underwater


We integrate water sensors:PH,DO Temperature


We create a digital twin to simulate the live crab data to detect key crab health parameters


You receive real time crab health status and corrective recommendations on your mobile phone

Artificial Intelligence

We use advanced AI to monitor crab health through the whole lifecycle. Our software can automatically detect molting crabs and alert staff on a farm to harvest them at the most profitable portions. The AI also monitors important statistics like death rate, time to molt, and other health of the crab. We use this data to create effective models to make farms more profitable.This both enables massive reductions in labor and increased efficiency in output.


We are developing next-generation robots on wheels to navigate the crab farm and execute tasks during the night like removing molting crabs from crab condos. This allows a 3x reduction in labor as you no longer need to have 24-hour shifts to monitor crab molts. It also allows for more difficult species of crabs like blue crabs for molting. The robot can navigate autonomously, use an arm and remove crabs into a holding area for staff to handle the next active shift in the morning.

On Demand Crab Farms

We are designing repeatable, replicable crab farms. These farms are driven by incredibly accurate mechanical drawings, come with classes on water quality, and support from our team of aquaculture experts. Clients can spin up brand new crab farms in record fast times, and use AI and Robots to eliminate a large portion of the labor pool. The ROI on these farms can be made back in as little as 16 months, and then have 40-50% margins after. There are low capital investments and you can scale dynamically, we have a farm pod system that allows for expanding facilities in a matter of weeks not months with current methods.